The ARTISAN® Phakic IOL is an insertable lens that is FDA approved for the correction of Myopia.

Want to be able to see far distances without your contacts or glasses? The ARTISAN® Myopia Phakic IOL may be a great option for you. Based on a technology that has been safely used worldwide for over 30 years, the ARTISAN® Myopia lens is a reliable surgical option that can permanently improve your vision. The procedure is safe and painless in the hands of a trusted professional, and it is an excellent alternative to laser eye surgery.



For more information and to find a certified ARTISAN® trained doctor near you, check out  (Note: The information provided on this website addresses all of the lenses available from our parent company, OPHTEC, based in the Netherlands. Because they are a European company, there will be lens products listed on this site that are not approved for usage in the United States. Speak with your doctor about the best therapy option for you.) 

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