Official ARTISAN® Training Courses

To ensure the best outcomes for patients implanted with ARTISAN® lenses, OPHTEC provides lenses only to certified professionals. OPHTEC USA routinely conducts specialized certification courses with wet labs to develop and maintain surgical skills of providers. ARTISAN® training by OPHTEC guarantees the continued high-quality results of the product.

OPHTEC offers the following official certification courses:


ARTISAN® Phakic Training courses

The ARTISAN® Phakic training course will provide surgeons with the essential theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed for the implantation of the ARTISAN® phakic IOLs. The courses are given by surgeons with a wide range of knowledge and experience with phakic ARTISAN® lenses. The course is given at OPHTEC USA office in Sunrise, FL. International opportunities are also available. 

ARTISAN® Training Wet Labs

ARTISAN® training wet labs are conducted by OPHTEC product specialists in our booth during the major ophthalmic conferences. 


Information / Registration:

For more information or registration, please send an E-mail to our course team: 

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