ARTISAN training by Expert Surgeon


Last week we had a successful training event, facilitated by our local ARTISAN Expert Surgeon, Dr. Andrew Shatz of Sight Trust Institute.

Dr. Andrew Shatz has been implanting OPHTEC products for over 10 years and would use nothing else for his myopic patients. We started off with an ARTISAN Myopia training session with Dr. Shatz providing product background and his experience with the lens, and then he and OPHTEC's Megan facilitated hands on practice with the technique. We had 3 doctors attend for the Myopia training, Dr. Srini Mutyala, Dr. Robert Spector, and Dr. Richard Shugarman.

Afterwards, we had an extension for ARTISAN Aphakia training, which certified doctors for participation in our clinical trial. Megan gave a product overview and we reviewed protocol requirements for the investigation. Dr. Shatz, Dr. Spector and Dr. Shugarman participated in this part, and we anticipate both Dr. Shatz and Dr. Spector will join our trial.

So all in all we got 4 doctors certified to use our ARTISAN lenses. The doctors were satisfied and we are pleased with the outcome. We will be working with Dr. Shatz to coordinate future trainings.

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