OPHTEC’s ARTISAN® Phakic Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) are single-piece iris fixated IOLs made from ultraviolet light absorbing PMMA and designed for the correction of myopia.

Commercially available since 2006, our lenses were the first phakic IOLs ever to be FDA approved. Also sold under the tradename, the Verisyse™. 

Features and Benefits:

• Stable iris fixation with unique enclavation technique
• Reversible treatment
• Optimal clearance from vital tissues of the anterior chamber
• Predictable, reliable, versatile
• Long term safety


  • ARTISAN® Myopia Model 204

  • ARTISAN® Myopia Model 206

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Material: PMMA CQ-UV
Overall Ø: 8.5 mm
Optic Body Ø: Model 204: 6.0 mm | Convex-concave*
  Model 206: 5.0 mm | Convex-concave
Dioptric Powers: Model 204: -5.0 D to -15.5 D (0.5 increments)
  Model 206: -5.0 D to -20.0 D (0.5 increments)

* Due to the larger optic, the Model 204 is recommended for patients who are prone to night vision disturbances.

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Accessory Instruments: 

  • Disposable Enclavation Needle (OD125)
  • ARTISAN® Implantation Forceps (DO2-70/DO2-72/DO2-74)
  • ARTISAN® Manipulator (DO6-41)

  • ARTISAN® Enclavation Forceps (DO2-40) (optional)

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Contact information: 

>>Contact us for ordering information

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What about the Verisyse™?

The ARTISAN® Myopia lens and the Verisyse™ lens are the same device manufactured by OPHTEC in Groningen, the Netherlands. As the subsidiary for the original manufacturer of the device, we have been receiving an increase in inquiries about the availability of the Verisyse™ lens, sold by AMO, now Johnson & Johnson. The Verisyse™ is the trade name used by AMO for the distribution of the ARTISAN® Myopia.

OPHTEC’s ARTISAN® Myopia Phakic Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) are single-piece iris fixated  IOLs made from ultraviolet light absorbing PMMA and designed for the correction of myopia. Designed and developed by Prof. Jan Worst and first implanted in a patient in Germany in 1986, it is the first intraocular lens of its kind to be used in the phakic eye. FDA approved in 2006, the ARTISAN® Myopia phakic IOL was picked up for distribution by AMO under the trade name of the Verisyse ™. With a long history of safe usage, the lens continues to be approved for use in the US.

The ARTISAN® Myopia is commercially available in two model sizes through OPHTEC USA in a diopter range of -5.0 to -20.0 for the correction of myopia. Contact us for ordering information.

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ARTISAN® Certification

To ensure the best outcomes for patients implanted with ARTISAN® lenses, OPHTEC provides lenses only to certified professionals. OPHTEC USA routinely conducts specialized certification courses with wet labs to develop and maintain surgical skills of providers. ARTISAN® training by OPHTEC guarantees the continued high-quality results of the product. Click here for more information and details of courses.

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The surgical techniques and opinions expressed in the videos are solely those of the surgeons and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views or opinions of OPHTEC BV.


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ARTISAN PIOL implantation technique By: Dr. C. Budo Belgium
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Enclavation of The Artisan PIOL By: Dr. C. Budo Belgium
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Artisan Myopia 25th anniversary


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Refractive outcomes and safety Dr R. Fernández Buenaga Spain
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Long term Unilateral Artisan/Artiflex implantation Prof. J.L. Güell Spain
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