OPHTEC’s RingJect™ is a single use injector preloaded with the OPHTEC capsular tension ring (CTR). The OPHTEC CTR is made of PMMA with patented compression molding technology, making for a durable, flexible device to stabilize the capsular bag in the presence of weakened or compromised zonules. The RingJect™ is FDA approved for OPHTEC CTR implantation.

Features and Benefits:

• Easy to handle, one handed technique
• Total control: includes action/retraction mechanism
• Beveled tip for easy entry into the incision
• Long thin tip: especially convenient in cases of deep set eyes
• Implantation clockwise or counter clockwise, indicators on injector tip


• RingJect Model 375 | CTR Model 275 12/10
• RingJect Model 376 | CTR Model 276 13/11


Price FW Jr, Mackool RJ, Miller KM, Koch P, Oetting TA, Johnson AT.

Interim results of the United States investigational device study of the Ophtec capsular tension ring

Ophthalmology. 2005 Mar;112(3):460-5

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Injection of a CTR using the RingJect™, Dr V.I. Apostolov The Netherlands
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Effects of a preloaded capsular tension ring Prof. C.K. Joo Korea
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RingJect™ Preloaded CTR Inserter Prof. S. Shah United Kingdom
United States